Without passion you don't have energy, without energy you have nothing. -Donald Trump

Welcome to my webspace

Welcome to my webspace

Welcome to my webspaceWelcome to my webspaceWelcome to my webspace

I am Ravi K Joshi a.k.a. Colonel Joe- a Beverages Writer and Consultant


what's new?

Sake is the next big beverage to pique the interest of Indians. 

Having been to the Sake heartlands in Japan and noticing the interest back home I thought- why not have a platform to share some Sake passion ? 

Promptly came Sake Club India in collaboration with my Tokyo based Sommelier friend Mika Eoka...

My Latest Activities

A memorable expedition

On the invitation of Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association, I toured the Sake heartlands of Northern Japan to know more about the ancient beverage that is two milleniums old. Get an overview of my exciting Sake journey by clicking the button below.

Let me introduce myself

Colonel Joe harvesting grapes in Brouilly, Cru Beaujolais.

My Background

I am often referred-to as a guy who successfully turned his passion into profession. Also known by my moniker  Colonel Joe due to my Army lineage, I am now a full-time  Beverages writer and consultant. based in New Delhi, India.. Having multi faceted skills in the fields of Information Technology and Project Management have helped me immensely in  achieving this transition.

 I strongly believe that my passion for Wine & Spirits is more than skin deep- or as  close chums say- betrays a celestial background. That's probably why my plunge into the beverage world started on a celebratory note, by winning a Champagne Scholarship!

The journey thereafter has been nothing short of a dream. Be it travelling to global wine heartlands to learn the art of wine making from illustrious winemakers, or sharing my passion through my writings and consumer events- I do not have a figment of doubt of where I belong !


Connecting with young minds

It was humbling to share my journey of entrepreneurship  from being an Army Officer to a Beverages Professional with the Commerce students of Delhi University's Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa College. Young generations are the torchbearers of the nation and it feels nice to be considered as a role model for them.


whither Guns 2 gewurztraminer?

A Passion Driven Blog


The title Guns to Gewurztraminer (G2G)  for a wine and spirit blog may seem unusual, but if you read its first post , things would be amply clear. 

In short, G2G symbolizes my transition from handling guns as a military man to handling wine bottles in my new role. 

With more than 6 years and well over a century plus of posts behind, the blog is read in more than 30 countries by trade and consumers alike. 

The articles on G2G range from wine, spirits, liqueurs to cuisine and more. Though the blog's major perspective is Indian, its orientation is international, to keep in pace with the global wine and spirits scenario.


published works

Even in the Digital era, nothing can surpass the charm of Print. Here is a selection of my print articles published over a period of time.

Video: Wine sessions

Check out this recent wine session conducted  by me at the Embassy of Portugal, New Delhi

In the News



featured video

Here's a video from my YouTube channel of an exclusive interaction with Miguel A Torres, President and Managing Director of Bodegas Torres during his latest visit to India in May 2018. 

Mr. Torres addressed my queries ranging from the evolving Indian market for wine to the global climate change affecting vineyards and the much recent political turmoil in Catalunya.

To read the transcript of the interview, click here to access my relevant blogpost.

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